Need Money Now? Here’s 17+ Ways to Make Fast Cash in 2022

Need Money Now Here's 17+ Ways to Make Fast Cash in 2022

There are many situations when you need to find money urgently. Not everyone has a habit or extra funds to put aside and save for rainy days. In practice, there are many ways to solve this problem.

If you’re going through some tough times and need fast cash right now. We have gathered several ideas that you might find helpful.

17+ proven ways to find fast cash in an emergency

Sell something you no longer use

This is the simplest and most obvious answer to the question of where to get fast cash. The sale of liquid and valuable things is especially profitable. For example, you can earn good money relatively quickly for the sale of new household or computer equipment. The demand for smartphones is even higher in 2022. It is much more difficult to sell clothes, shoes or furniture, and it is unlikely that you will be able to earn a lot of money.

An important additional advantage of this method is the ability to place ads for sale on numerous Internet resources. This format of offers is noticeably simpler and more attractive than advertising newspapers that were popular in the past. Moreover, they have a much larger reach of potential buyers. Amazon, eBay, Handshake, Bonanza, Ruby Lane, Etsy, Chairish and Swappa are the most popular online selling sites and marketplaces to sell your stuff. Do not forget about social networks that can also be used to sell things you no longer need.

Use pawnshops

When you need money urgently, you should definitely consider the alternative of selling things using pawnshops. They work according to an extremely simple principle – the client’s property is assessed and deposited. In exchange, the client receives money in the amount of 50-80% of the market price of the pledge.

The item is stored in the pawnshop for a certain period of time. Interest is calculated on a daily basis. If the money with interest is not returned after a month or two, the pawnshop becomes the owner of your property and sells it.

Make something that can be sold

This way of earning is suitable for people who have hands of gold. The list of things that are in demand at any time is quite large. It includes:

  • paintings;
  • knitwear – hats, socks, bedspreads, blankets, etc;
  • toys – for children or collectors;
  • decorative objects and various furniture;
  • women’s handbags made of different materials, such as leather or canvas;
  • author’s jewelry and clothing collections;
  • ceramic products made of clay;
  • original musical instruments.

To sell any items from the above list, you can use the Internet resources mentioned above. It does not require special financial or time costs, and you do not need to create your own website.

Borrow from friends

This is another real way to get fast cash without interest. The fact is that it is simply not customary to take a fee from friends and acquaintances. Of course, not all friends and relatives will agree to lend. But the more friends a person has, the more likely the funds will be found.

The main thing is to return the debt on time. This requires a clear understanding of the direction of spending money and possible options for earning cash. Letting friends and acquaintances down is the last thing, especially when it comes to financial matters.

Take a payday loan

We did not want to mention various kinds of loans here but since we’d like to cover the topic in more detail, we will have to mention payday loans. Yes, they have benefits.

For example, many people take payday loans and do not borrow from friends simply because they are ashamed to ask for help from friends. There is logic in this. But you just need to understand that you will not have to repay the loan on time but also pay interest.

Another advantage of payday loans is speed. Due to the fact that the amounts are small, they are available to almost every person.

In fact, there is nothing wrong with using payday loans, but you’d better use them when you really need money urgently and you know for sure that you will have income that will cover the loan + interest within a few weeks.

In the meantime, here are some tips for you:

  • You need to understand that the interest on a payday loan is always higher than that or a regular bank loan.
  • You will pay penalties for late payments. So you’d better not miss payments.
  • Do not borrow more than you really need to solve the problem.

Find a job

It sounds like a joke, but it’s actually good advice. At least because not all employers pay wages once a month. There are many vacancies where employees are paid upon completion of tasks, or at the end of the day, or at the end of the week.

  • Option 1: Distribute flyers. Promoters are always needed. Wages are low, but you can earn fast money without spending a lot of time.
  • Option 2. You can get a job in a cleaning company, or you can offer the services of putting the apartment in order. The prices in this market are not low. And you can earn very quickly. The main thing is to do your job well.
  • Option 3. You can take care of both the elderly and pets if you love them. Becoming a dog walker is a great option because not all owners have time for this.

Rent out property

It represents an extensive set of opportunities for receiving money. Everything can be leased: an apartment, house, another real estate, a vehicle, a hookah or even a sports uniform. The main thing is to follow a few simple recommendations:

  • Put the object for rent in order. It is especially important for a car or apartment;
  • Be serious about choosing the right tenant. For the search, use both personal contacts and various online services. Before formalizing relations, it is recommended to check the counterparty, which is not difficult today;
  • Conclude a detailed contract with the client with a clear description of the terms of cooperation, including cost and obligations of each of the parties.

Renting property often becomes the main source of so-called passive income.

Use a credit card grace period

Few people know about this method. The grace period is available to credit card holders – during this period they have the right to use credit funds without interest. This is convenient if you are sure that you will have time to repay the loan on time. If not, the bank will charge interest starting from the first day of using the money.

Recycle materials

Today, this method is rarely mentioned as a solution to a problem when money is needed quickly and it is not clear where to get it. Although two or three decades ago, the delivery of waste paper or glass bottles made it possible to get quite a decent income.

Today, other options for recycling materials are much more relevant, including:

  • plastic in various forms – bottles, films, containers;
  • aluminum cans;
  • scrap metal – ferrous and non-ferrous;
  • used batteries.

Glass and waste paper are still accepted for recycling. The implementation of any of the above options allows you to get the necessary funds, albeit in limited amounts.

Work with daily pay

The first thing that comes to mind in this case is the work of a loader. An alternative option, which also provides for daily payment, is an assistant at a construction site. In both cases, it is the opportunity to receive money every day that becomes important. Moreover, finding such a job is not difficult.

In fact, the only requirement for the candidate is having good health. An additional requirement is doing your tasks well. Both conditions are not considered impossible.

Another option to receive money is to distribute flyers or other advertising. It is available to almost every person, even minors.

Work online

Today, remote work has become the norm. The rapid growth of this type of employment was facilitated not only by the improvement of communication and information technologies but also by the coronavirus pandemic. Finding a job online is easy.

To do this, there are many exchanges that offer a variety of employment options – from writing texts to browsing sites. Another option is making cash is doing paid surveys. But you should not expect to earn a lot of money quickly, but gradually you can reach a serious income that can ensure a comfortable life.

Blood donation

It is a simple and affordable way to earn a little money very quickly. If you have a rare blood type and go to a commercial clinic, you can earn good money. The main requirement for the donor is health, which must be confirmed by medical certificates. Community Blood Centers’ average is $310. But depending on the market, one unit can be worth a whole lot more. For example, the red blood cells can go for $229, platelets for $300 and plasma for $40 – nearly $570 in all.

Become a sitter

This rare profession is in demand in art schools or salons. The requirement for the candidate is aesthetic appeal and a good figure.

Finding such a job in practice is not easy, but if you do, it is possible to get a stable income.

Ask for free money

There are two ways to do this. The first way involves turning to passers-by on the street with a request for help. The second requires approximately similar actions but on the Internet. The probability of success exists in both cases. The main problem is the difficulty of making such a decision since it is psychologically difficult.

Help from the state

In this case, we are talking about several potential sources of funds. One of them is subsidies for starting your own business. To receive money, you need to provide a business plan.

The so-called tax deduction deserves special mention. It allows you to return previously paid income tax, for example, when selling an apartment or other real estate, receiving educational or medical services, and in a number of other cases.

Apply for a bank loan

Making a loan from a bank is accompanied by the need to pay interest. But there is one way to save.

Often, you can get the first loan as part of a promotion for new clients. If you prove to be a responsible borrower, you can often save on interest.

Get money back from your debtors

Often a person in need of money forgets that there are people who also owe him. It doesn’t matter if it’s signed or undocumented. The return of such debts is one of the real ways to solve your own financial problems.

Other methods

The options described above allow you to make cash fast with varying degrees of probability and level of urgency. But there are many alternative ways. For example, treasure hunting, playing the lottery or babysitting. The number of options available depends solely on the capabilities and abilities of the person in need of money.

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