Payday Loans Medford Oregon

Medford, Oregon is a city and the administrative center of Jackson County, Oregon, USA. The city had a total population of 85,289 and a metropolitan area population of 217,479, making Medford MSA the fourth largest municipal district in Oregon. The town was named in 1883 by David Loring, a civil engineer and right-of-way agent for the Oregon and California Railroad, in honor of Medford, Massachusetts, which was located near Loring’s hometown of Concord, Massachusetts. Medford is located near the middle ford of Bear Creek.

The median household income is $66,715. A poverty rate is 17.31%. The median rental costs counts $972 a month. The median house value is $265,400. The median age is 37 years old. The rate of borrowed extra funds in the form of payday loans Medford, Oregon is 42%.

What are payday loans Medford Oregon?

Payday loans Medford Oregon are a type of small loan, which is offered by credit organizations and rarely banks. They differ from traditional bank loans in the following:

  • the minimum size of a payday loan is significantly less than the size of a personal bank loan (usually from $100-$5,000).
  • the interest rate on small loans is usually higher than on long-term personal bank loans.
  • the repayment period of cash advance is shorter, often does not exceed 30-35 days.

The main features of payday loans Medford Oregon issued are the following:

  • the limit is set by the lenders, which is calculated individually for each person based on his average monthly income, credit history and other factors;
  • interest is accrued only on the funds actually used, and not on the allowed limit;
  • timely repayment of the debt allows you to resume the credit service.

How to get payday loans Medford, Oregon?

First, you need to choose a lender through a referral service that can provide a short-term loan on more favorable terms for you. You can find information about the terms of taking out small loans on the official websites and/or by visiting their offices.

Having decided on the organization to which you wish to apply for payday loans Medford OR, you should submit the following in the application:

  • application for a loan;
  • an identity document (passport / ID card/ driver’s license / military ID);
  • documents containing information about their activities and income (sometimes lenders require such set of documents).

At the same time, the factors affecting the positive decision on the issuance of a payday loan are:

  • positive credit history but bad credit is not a 100% guarantee;
  • availability of a permanent source of income;
  • provision of sufficient collateral;
  • submission of the required documents in full.

Pros and cons of payday loans Medford, Oregon

Pros Cons
  • the possibility of issuing an interest-free loan
  • high interest rates
  • application at any time 24/7
  • not big sums are issued
  • borrowing from home by filling out an online application
  • unreliability of some lending services
  • minimum requirements for borrowers
  • address the collection agencies
  • convenient ways to get money
  • instant review of the application
  • issuance of payday loans throughout the United States


Before applying for payday loans Medford Oregon online, make sure that your credit history is not spoiled. The fact is that most banks and financial institutions receive information about you from the state registration service of debtors, so if there are overdue current accounts or loans on your account, it is better to wait until they expire before applying for a loan.

Also, if you have any problems with law enforcement agencies (unpaid fines, seizure of property), then this will become a serious obstacle in issuing a loan.

In addition, keep in mind that payday loans are only suitable for solving short-term financial problems. If you take out such a loan more often than once every 6 months and do not repay it on time, this may negatively affect your credit history. Therefore, having decided to take out a payday loan, think carefully before deciding on such a responsible step.

Even despite the small size of payments and the lack of collateral, it is necessary to clearly monitor their timely repayment. After all, even if at first glance the payments seem small, the rate can quickly grow to an impressive amount and become unaffordable for borrowers who do not have enough funds to cover the debt in a timely manner. Moreover, in case of late payment or non—payment by the borrower in accordance with the agreed schedule, he faces penalties and fines from creditors, as well as debt collection agencies.