Payday Loans Portland Oregon

Portland, Oregon borders the state of Washington, is located at the confluence of two rivers – Willamette and Columbia, through which there is access to the Pacific Ocean.

The geographical location initially determined the economic orientation. The proximity to the rivers gave an impetus to the fish processing industry and boat traffic. Rich soil nourishes the development of agriculture, the presence of forests – the production of lumber.

Modern Portland is the largest supplier of wheat in the USA and the second largest port in terms of cargo turnover of this crop in the world.

The current population of Portland, Oregon totals 666,453. The median household income is $95,998. The poverty rate is app. 13.72%. The median rental costs counts $1,248 a month. The median house value is $412,000. The rate of approved payday loans online in Portland, OR is 35%. The median age in Portland is 37 years for males, 37.1 years for females. Female number – 325,422 (50.43%), males – 319,869 (49.57%).

What are payday loans Portland, Oregon online?

Payday loans Portland, Oregon are lending products for small amounts of cash, which is usually issued for a short term.

The financial limit of such cash advance is up to $5,000, but not all lending services issue such amounts. Payday loans in Portland Oregon can be characterized as follows: quickly, short-term and a small amount.

In order to issue such a loan, it is not necessary to have a good credit history. It’s enough just to come to the registration. An application is filled out, an ID or an additional document is provided. After the application is submitted, the waiting term takes about 15 minutes and the money is deposited. The speed of approval does not mean that there are no requirements to the lender. Usually they check client’s age and place of registration.

Features of payday loans online

Payday loans online have the following basic parameters: a small amount, the speed of application, a simplified procedure. These qualities distinguish small loans from bank ones.

So, the characteristics of online payday loans in Portland, OR are:

  • issued not by a bank, but by special payday lending services;
  • a small amount: on average about $100-$5,000;
  • short term: most often such a loan is taken out for a term of several days to 2-3 months;
  • quick registration: in most companies, the application is reviewed in a matter of minutes;
  • loyal, in comparison with banks, requirements for the borrower and a simplified procedure for issuing money in debt: cash advance usually does not imply the assestment of a credit history, collateral or surety. Refusal to grant a loan is a fairly rare phenomenon;
  • a relatively high rate: payday lenders charge a commission of up to 1% per day for their services, that is, 365% per annum.

Tips how to issue cash advance correctly

In order not to become an eternal debtor, it is recommended that you should not be impulsive in loans and read the tips before taking action.

#1. Understand what payday loans are

Fast money is spent as fast as it gets. And it is not so easy to earn and return them. Therefore, payday loans Portland Oregon should be used in exceptional cases. Also, the loan, in a good way, should not exceed 30% of your monthly income.

#2. Choose the right service

Almost half of the success depends on the competent selection of the organization. It is important to check whether the company is in the state register of such services. Otherwise, you may stumble upon an illegal lender. You can also sign a contract and get money online using the trusted referral service.

#3. Carefully study the agreement

Pay attention to the terms for issuing money and paying off the debt — you can find a lot of interesting things. Remember, the document must contain a QR code containing information about the organization, as well as everything about the full cost of your loan. Including the maximum amount of overpayment. You have to understand the worst case scenario.

#4. Interest and penalties

The interest on the quick loans is accured daily. Therefore, the final repayment amount depends on how quickly you pay off the debt. Fines can be charged only on the overdue part of the principal amount, but not on interest.

Methods of issuing short-term loans

Payday lenders can issue loans in various ways. You can choose which option is better. It may be most convenient for you to get the amount in cash – for most MFIs this is a standard way of lending, and almost all offices of such companies have cash desks. You may prefer an urgent loan to the card. This is also not a problem: today many lenders issue payday loans online – deposit funds to the borrower’s card.

How to repay extra cash borrowed?

Lenders prefer those clients who repay money on time. With the timely repayment of the first loan, organizations trust you more and increase the credit limit.

If you do not have time to return the money in time, you can extend the loan agreement (prolong it). Accordingly, the interest will have to be paid all this time. Usually, the more days you extend the contract, the higher the daily interest rate. Sometimes it comes to 57% of the loan amount for each day. And if you do not pay for this time, then you will run into a fine for each overdue day.

In a couple of days, the MFO will address collecting agency (if it is not banned in your state), and if they do not help to recover the debt, then there will be a court. Since MFOs operate legally, the court’s decision will not be in your favor. It is important to understand: it is impossible not to return the money.


  • Payday lenders are legal companies that operate on the basis of the law.
  • Interest rates on loans are also regulated by law. And it also allows you to issue payday loans in Portland Oregon on the terms that the MFOs offer.
  • A quick loan can be taken out by both an individual and a legal entity.
  • You can apply for a loan online.
  • The average time to consider a loan application is 15 minutes.
  • MFOs deposit money to the borrower’s card, e-wallet, bring cash home or in the office.
  • Small loans must be returned on time. Otherwise, you can overpay up to 57% of the money received for each day of delay.
  • Microfinance organizations issue money only in domestic currency.
  • To get money in debt, you need to be of legal age and have a permanent residence permit in the United States.